Friday, January 30, 2009

Come on and SLAM, if you wanna JAM!

Go to a W&M Basketball Game

On Wednesday night, I had my first official experience at a W&M basketball game!  And don't worry, I did it right - went ALL OUT!

First, I wore appropriate school colors...even a bandana!  Second, I went to dinner beforehand with Cait to make it a real event.  And by the way, I had pretty much the best lasagna of my life...  Seriously, it was delicious!  Then we walked over to the big game!

We met up with a bunch of my sisters there, which made it even more festive.  Also, my Lydia came too...  As an ardent basketball fan, she was able to show me the ropes in certain traditions like holding your hands up for silence when out team is making a foul shot!  So the game progressed pretty normally until the half time.  

They were doing a promotional game where the participants had to make 4 shots (layup, foul, 3-point, and half-court) in 26 seconds for a prize.  And wouldn't you know seat was called!  So, my immediate thought (and decision) was to give the opportunity away to someone else.  Cait said she would do it, so she ran down there!  But she was immediately sent back because she is a varsity athlete (field hockey, but apparently it doesn't matter).  So since everyone was looking at me...I decided the easiest thing was to just go up and do it! 

My attempt was rather feeble...  To be honest, I can shoot better than I did...but I was flustered/embarrassed.  So, I only ended up making the first two shots.  Still, it was cool, and I think pretty amazing that at my first game EVER I was called up for the contest.

So anyway, after I was back at my seat, a very nice lady came and brought me a little consolation prize...  It's a mini hoop and ball in W&M colors!  I think it's adorable, and I hung it up on the side of my desk for the enjoyment of my roomie & me.  Anyway, its value (had I bought it for myself at the W&M shop) is $17 dollars, so I would say that the situation was a win!  

We stayed for the rest of the game...  Cheering ridiculously for our sister on the dance team & almost as much for the actual players ;)  It was fun!  I probably won't be able to go to too many more this semester, so I'm glad I took this opportunity & made the most of it!

That's all for now:)


  1. That is so awesome...I would have been so nervous I couldn't have made any shots...congrats!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed. That is a great way to tick off one of your things off your list. Good job love!