Monday, January 5, 2009


Fully clean out my car (once a year)

The act of cleaning has never been one that I particularly enjoy. After all, it involves dealing with all the things you have been too lazy to deal with before. It involves slowing down or even backing up to bring your surroundings back to livable conditions.

However, I really LIKE when my surroundings are clean. That's a reality I first acknowledged last year... My mood reflects my surroundings (and it can also probably be said that my surroundings reflect my's a vicious cycle). So, when I have clean surroundings, it is easier for me to be in a good mood!

I've been able to keep up the habit of perpetually keeping my room clean. To me, the benefits of a clean room outweigh the annoyances of cleaning it. But a problem that I've been ignoring for MONTHS is the state of my car. Not only were all the seats covered in dirt and bits of trash, the trunk was absolutely stuffed with unidentifiable junk (some of which turned out to be not junk at all) that I had been avoiding.

So, today I finally bit the bullet and just decided to clean! A hand-held vacuum did the trick for most of the dirt...and I grabbed all the random leaves and receipt and put them in a garbage bag. The trunk was a little more interesting... Much to my dismay, some of the things left in there had gotten stained, mildewed, or otherwise ruined. Much of it was trash that I finally took out. And I found some unexpected things like my water shoes and a beloved hoodie (thankfully, neither of those were ruined).

Cleaning out the car may not sound like a particularly meaningful goal at first... But it has been weighing on my mind for months, so now that it's done...I feel much better. And now that it's clean, I am more likely to keep it clean, and thus more likely to feel better when I'm in my car. And I can finally use the trunk again!

I'm quite happy to check this goal off of my list. Hooray! Though, I did add that I'll be doing it yearly...which may or may not be necessary, depending on whether or not I manage to KEEP it clean.

“Keep your own house and its surroundings pure and clean. This hygiene will keep you healthy and benefit your worldly life.”


  1. Ooooh a little while back I had driven to Phoenix (From central California, my home) to visit some friends... I bought 2 one gallon jugs of water to be prepared for overheating, as I was going to be going through the Mojave during the hottest time of the day (afternoon-ish). I didn't want to have to walk possibly a mile just to fetch water.

    I left the jugs in my trunk, thinking, "oh, it won't be a big deal!" about 5 months later, one of the jugs expanded, then burst. I didn't know about this, because I never really used my trunk THAT much... When I went to put some groceries back there, my car smelled like wet was disgusting! I left my trunk open parked at our old house in the country for DAYS! Even to this day, I have a large container with a few holes in the top, filled with baking soda. Oh geez, it really helped!

    Btw, nice to meet you. :) I'm Mil, 26, and from Clovis, CA. I just got my Bachelors in Geography from CSU-Fresno. Had I known better when I started at CSUF, I would have been a Geology major, not a Geography major (the Geography degree at CSUF is much more cultural based, and I'm more into the science of how the earth works from core to Ionosphere...yeah, I'm a dork).

    Anyhow, I think that's long enough! lol

  2. I think cleaning out ym car needs to be on my list of goals. You're ahead of me... :)