Monday, January 12, 2009

Setting Benchmarks...

At the suggestion of 101 Strategy, I have decided to make smaller benchmarks for myself. After all, doing 101 things in 1001 days can seem rather daunting. It would be too easy to try and rush to accomplish all the goals, rather than working at a non-stressful pace. It would be even easier to completely procrastinate these goals, finding oneself at the end of 1001 days with very few goals accomplished. Wouldn't that be sad!

So, I am going to break my 1001 days down into increments of 100 days. My first benchmark will take place on April 19! And in addition, I will outline the goals that I intend to accomplish in my first 100 days... As luck would have it, I need to accomplish roughly 10 goals in that time. If I accomplish a few more or less, that's fine as well. And I may end up accomplishing a different 10 than I had identify here. But looking over the next 100 days is a lot more manageable than trying to picture the next 1001 (well, actually it's only 989 as of today, but who's counting:P).

By April 19, 2009, I hope to have done the following:

1. Memorize a sonnet
2. Print out all of my old Livejournal entries on the backs of campus fliers
3. Go kayaking on Lake Matoaka
4. Go ice skating without hugging the sides
5. Drink only water for a month
6. Read the Ender's Shadow series
7. Give flowers to random strangers
8. Have a picnic in the Crim Dell meadow
9. Attend the King & Queens dance
10. Attend a W&M Basketball game
Bonus: Host 3-4 Game Nights & Attend at least 2 CW events

And I've already cleaned out my car! I think this is really good. And you know what else? For my 100 days that runs from April 19 through July 28, I will probably have other fun & seasonal things! I might try to accomplish more goals over the summer just because I will have a little less on my plate. But that is for another post! Let's just focus on this benchmark for now:)

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner."


  1. Ta for the link back. I like the picnic idea!

  2. I"ll help you with that ice skating one! I love ice skating and I never get to go. And really, its just like roller blading. Its not so hard. Trust me, if some one as clumsy as me can do it (and even jump on occasion) you should have no trouble. :)